Cursillos in Christianity

Make a Friend. Be a Friend. Bring that Friend to Christ.



​*Fri-May 3rd at 7PM*

Queen of Angels

*Fri-May 17th at 7PM*

St. Edward

Sacred Heart/Our Lady of Mt Carmel/St. Peter St. Paul (combined)​

*Fri-May 24th*

St. Christopher

​St. Paul the Apostle

School 0f Leaders

Sun - May19th

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

CURSIllos in christianity In affiliation with

School of Leaders

The Cornerstone!


Third stage...Bring that friend to Christ!


First stage...Make a Friend!​

Cursillos in Christianity-Filipino Group | P.O. Box 8362 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701 US |

Diocese of San Bernardino-Filipino group

2018-2019 Secretariat

Cursillo weekend

Second stage...Be a Friend!


National Cursillo Movement USA

Region X1

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